Many business owners, directors, managers do not take mental health of their teams quite as seriously as they should. Why? Because they don’t see the financial benefit or understand the financial down side to their team’s poor Mental Health.

With over £105 billion as a cost to UK Businesses that’s a massive number and yet business leaders are not addressing it. Only 22% of mangers feel they have the skills to deal with their team’s Mental Health and more than 77% of employees do not feel they can discuss their Mental Health with their employer.

These are staggering numbers! So, what’s the answer? Simple, training, talking, support… Sounds simple and it is, so why are so many businesses not doing anything about it?

I have a client who initially when I discussed a course with them they responded with “Neill we want to focus on productivity training” I explained, if your team have good Mental Health your productivity will increase. I explained – you have a member of your team is shouted at for making a mistake, they then feel anxious about making the same mistake again, their performance is therefore reduced – this can lead to greater anxiety leading to calls that they are not coming in to work, thereby adding cost to the business and the real possibility that the team members goes in to a depressed state taking even more time off adding even more cost to the business.

So, productivity and effectiveness of the business can be damaged just because the team member was affected by one mistake.

Should the team member be a key person in your business, how quickly can you cover and recover if they are missing from your business? Let say they have problems with drinking, drugs, divorce, death, relationship issues, abuse, the list is not endless.

By simply putting in place two very simple steps, productivity can be maintained, costs are minimised and the team member has greater loyalty to the business that cares for their employee welfare not by words but by actions. Train your team on Mental Health Awareness and having a referral service available for your employees to call outside of the business that’s all you need.

See its simple. So why are so many businesses not realising this and acting today?

My belief is that the lack of understanding within the management structure is the cause, missing a method that can deal with and deliver results, the internet has so many options and so many variations of cost. Therefore, we keep it simple too. The Mental Health Center offers a one day course to groups up to 20 delegates at the client’s venue or in Windsor at the Mental Health Centers offices, from only £49 per delegate. On top of the training you have a full referral service for your employees to reach out to in confidence.

Now going back to my original question, why is mental health important to your business? Now you know! Don’t become part of the £105 Billion cost to business, act today by contacting the Mental Health Center and book your course. Simple!


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