Have you ever hired someone who was perfect on paper, seemed spectacular in the interview, but became a disaster once you tried to integrate them into the organisation, because their true nature was not the right team fit?

Often someone’s resume and background tells us that they will be ideal for a job, and then disaster strikes. How can we improve our hiring processes? Whenever I’m interviewing people I look to answer three questions:

Can they do the job? If they truly have the skill sets and the ability, that can be figured out rapidly.

Will they do the job well long-term? Answering this question is a little more complex. You must be able to understand what the person’s goals are, and also understand their true nature and whether the job feeds that nature.

Are they the right team fit? For example, if I went to a Hollywood-based association of personal assistants and interviewed people many of them would not last very long. The reason? Their real goal was not to be a personal assistant. Their real goal was to become an actor, actress, director, or writer of TV or films. They do the job, but they do not perform well long-term, because ultimately their goals were different than what the job was about.

Understanding the applicant’s real needs, desires and goals is critical. Similarly, you’ve got to know the person’s nature. Can an introverted person become an effective salesperson? Of course, but will they sell effectively long-term? The answer is no. Why? People’s nature rarely changes. When you can find a job where a person’s nature is rewarded by the job itself, their goals are aligned, and they have the skills, you have a winner as long as they can pass the final question: Are they the right team fit?

Great players, whose natural personalities or approach to life puts them in conflict with other great players, almost always become a disaster. Team fit is critical for momentum. So how do you resolve this? How do you know what your own nature is much less the people you’re dealing with?

There are many extraordinary tools available today that have been tested by millions of people in the business world. Take a look at Tony Robbins DISC Assessment and if you’d like, click on the link and take the test yourself to understand what your true nature is. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses; where do you go under stress? What can you do to enhance your own performance and your enjoyment of life?